Pass Plus

What is Pass plus?
What is pass plus?

Lizzy decided to do pass plus after a minor accident .She didn't save any money on insurance because of the accident, but wanted motorway experience for a long journey she was planning to make.Altough Lizzy took Pass plus over 6 months after passing her test she still qualified for the £70 "Transport for London" grant!

Nick was quoted between £3000 & £1650
with some insurers .For third party fire & theft cover on his 1993(L reg.)Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 then the R.A.C. quoted £1446. ...dropping to £1046 once Nick completed his pass plus course a
saving of £400.

Even allowing for the £100 he paid for pass plus, he saved himself £300 in the first year & became a more experenced driver ,if he remains at-fault accident free for the next 3 or 4 years he will save £400 a year.
saving a total of upto £1500....

not bad for a little over 6 hours work!