About .P.R.I.S.M.

My name is Phil Rand, i live in Eltham,
I'm in my early forties,a non-smoker & a Londoner born & bred.
I've been a fully qualified DSA approved driving instructor offering professional, quality instruction for over 14 years now. I also hold the additional qualification of an NVQ level 3 in driving instuction.

All of my pupil's have Free access to the edrivingsolutions website, i pay for this for as i believe it to be a valuable learning aid in the making of safe responsible drivers!

After working in a national driving school for about 18 months I decided to "go it alone & be my own boss" as they say, my main motivation behind the move was I believed I could give better tution & value for money.I still believe I was right!

So about 13 years ago I set up .P.R.I.S.M. (it stands for Phil Rand's Independent School of Motoring).Currently I work as the sole ADI (approved driving instructor) here at .P.R.I.S.M..At some time in the hopefully near future I hope to have other ADI's working along side me at .P.R.I.S.M.

I use an Air conditioned V.W. Polo as my tuition vehicle.It has a 1400cc PETROL ENGINE,Many ,many schools use Diesel cars which i believe to be the wrong chioce for many people learning how to drive ,as the Techniques used for driving petol & diesel cars do vary,& nearly everyone that passes their test then buys a petrol driven car(if you've learnt in a diesel this can cause : embarrassing or even dangerous situations post passing your test)

When it comes to teaching I believe that we all make mistakes including me and as long as no harm is done by it we can live, learn & move on.
I have developed my own methods for the various manoeuvres & use a series of hand-outs that pupils can keep to remind them'selves between lessons of key points to help with retention.

I am also a Member of the Motor schools assocation MSA & I abide by their code of practice!. I have a very high pass rate & always aim to keep it that way. The only way to pass any test is to be well prepared for it!. But more important than passing the "test" is being a safe driver NOT a "good" one.

I am also a PASS PLUS registered instructor .

May I now wish you good luck in your learning to drive & a safe & long driving life!